What is Momento Paint?

NIPPON Paint Malaysia Group has unveiled three new coating innovations under its “Nippon Momento – Special Effect Paint Series”, namely the Designer Series, Metallic Series and Stone Art.

Nippon Paint is building on its textured paint series to further inspire homeowners, offices, and retailers.

Nippon Paint Malaysia Group general manager Gladys Goh said it was an exciting year for Nippon Paint with the introduction of the series, which was the company’s umbrella brand of textured paint.

In 2012, Nippon Paint introduced its Momento Special Effect Paint range of coatings that added a sensorial element via textured effects that shimmer and sparkle.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2015/06/26/coatings-expert-goes-beyond-walls-paint-manufacturer-introduces-new-series-for-textured-effects/#GtFk5upiVHhv6O9b.99

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